Orbital Weld Heads for Fusion and Wire Feed Welding of Pipe

Magnatech Redheads are designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds with precision and repeatability. Redheads can be used for fusion welding, or with filler wire addition โ€“ an integral head mounted feeder is standard on all models. Three models cover the size range of 12.7 to 168 mm (0.5 to 6.625โ€?) OD. Digital technology forever eliminates the need for periodic calibration โ€“ rotation and wire speed remain accurate regardless of wear, and heads can be interchanged without time-consuming recalibration.

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Uniform torch rotation is ensured
by a chain and sprocket drive using
a precision stainless steel bearing
assembly that is immune to heat.





  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sanitary (Hygienic) Process Piping
  • Food Processing/Dairy
  • Brewery Tubing
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical


  • Extension Cables
  • Fillet/Socket Weld Kit
  • Extended Clamping Range Kit R-2 allows welding down to 21mm (0.84 inch) OD
  • Extended Clamping Range Kit R-3 allows welding down to 50 mm (2 inch) OD

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  R-1 (MODEL 427A) R-2 R-2 (MODEL 428A) R-3 (MODEL 429A)
Application Orbital GTAW welding of pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fittings
Pipe (tube) OD size range 13 โ€“ 38 mm (0.5 โ€“ 1.5โ€?) 33 โ€“ 90 mm (1.315 โ€“ 3.5โ€?) 90 โ€“ 168 mm (3.5 โ€“ 6.625โ€?)
Filler wire module
CE standards adopted
Wire size: 0.8 mm (0.03โ€?)
Max. speed capability: 1900 mm/min. (75 IPM)
Spool size: 0.16 kg (0.35 lbs)
Arc gap control module Mechanical, adjustable
Torch propulsion module 0 โ€“ 4.0 rpm 0โ€“1.5 rpm 0โ€“0.6 rpm
Water-cooled torch 200 A continuous
Torch adjustment capability Torch lead/lag adjustment: ยฑ 15 degrees (manual)
Torch tilt adjustment: Requires optional socket weld kit
Cable length 7.6 m (25โ€™) standard. Extension cables available.
Power supply compatibility Tubemaster 514, Pipemaster 515, Pipemaster 516
Dimensions/weights R-1 (MODEL 427A) R-2 R-2 (MODEL 428A) R-3 (MODEL 429A)
Weight 3.9 kg (8.5 lbs.) 5.4 kg (12 lbs.) 9.0 kg (20 lbs.)
Axial Clearance (Torch
C/L to Rear Extremity)
127mm (5.0โ€?) 10mm (0.41โ€?) 127mm (5.0โ€?)
Axial Clearance (Torch
C/L to Front Extremity)
10mm (0.41โ€?) 10mm (0.41โ€?) 10mm (0.41โ€?)
Width (C) 140mm (5.5โ€?) 191mm (7.5โ€?) 280mm (11.0โ€?)
Radial Clearance
Requirement (D)
[140mm (5.5โ€?) โ€“
Pipe O.D.]
รท 2 = Radial Clearance
[191mm (7.5โ€?) โ€“
Pipe O.D.]
รท 2 = Radial Clearance
[280mm (11โ€?) โ€“
Pipe O.D.]
รท 2 = Radial Clearance