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Welding Products for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Our orbital pipe welding equipment ensures proper and safe function for your paper mill machinery.

Stainless, orbital pipe welding is critical for many industries, including the paper and pulp industry. While the paper production process itself has not changed fundamentally from its invention in the second century, the paper making machines and mill equipment used have advanced dramatically over the years. Nowadays, paper recycling and pulping machines make up an extremely capital-intensive industry. Companies often invest over $100,000 in equipment per employee, so it is important to ensure that this equipment is well built, properly maintained and safe to operate. To this end, Magnatech is proud to provide some of the highest quality orbital pipe welding tools and equipment on the market today.

Our orbital pipe welding equipment helps keep your facility’s paper production process operating at peak efficiency. We offer only top-of-the-line, digital technology that eliminates the need to recalibrate weld heads periodically.

  • The Pipemaster 515 offers unmatched reliability, repeatability and accuracy as a programmable power source for orbital weld heads. Half the weight and size of previous models, this power source comes with a rugged case for shipping and storage.
  • Enjoy even more options with the Pipemaster 516, such as detachable coolant recirculator mounts, data-logging systems, a controller for integral flow switch protection, and more.
  • Perfect for applications with axial and radial clearance constraints, the D Head 420 weld head is specially designed for pipe-to-fitting and pipe-to-pipe welds. This weld head is able to cover a broad range of sizes and is capable of reproducing the precision of a highly skilled welder.

When fabricating components for, constructing or performing maintenance on paper mill machinery and equipment, our weld heads produce consistently high quality welds, reduces repair rates and increases duty cycle, thereby improving the productivity of the paper machine.

Paper recycling and pulping machines are expensive pieces of equipment that require proper parts and maintenance in order to function properly and safely. In order to create and maintain safe machinery, even the most skilled welder needs the right tools and supervisors need to be able to rely on automated systems to do the job correctly. That is why Magnatech manufactures and supplies top-end, stainless orbital pipe welding equipment. Contact us today for a FREE quote!