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Automatic Pipe Welding Machines

Repeatable auto pipe welds in the field, fabrication shop and other industries

Magnatech LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of automatic pipe welding machines used by manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors. The common factor with all Magnatech LLC's pipe welding customers is the need to make full penetration pipe welds meeting industry code standards. As more than 80 percent of welding costs are labor and overhead, automating pipe welding provides cost-effective productivity improvement.

Magnatech's compact orbital systems provide a solution to limited clearance pipe welding applications often seen in fossil fuel power plants and chemical plants. Magnatech LLC offers a range of GTAW process automatic welding machines tailored to your specific pipe welding application:

Applications range from orbital fusion welding on thin-wall stainless pipes to multipass orbital welding of carbon steels and chrome moly heavy wall pipes. The digital Pipemaster power sources incorporate auto programming of the pipe weld sequence. Simply enter the pipe size, wall thickness, and material type. The multipass weld parameters are generated automatically, which eliminates the need for computer-savvy technical staff.

If a standard pipe welding product does not meet your needs, our engineering staff is available to modify a product or design a complete customized system. Magnatech LLC provides orbital pipe welding solutions to diverse industries:

  • Fossil fuel power plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Shipyards
  • Fabrication shops
  • Chemical facilities
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Gas, Oil and Water transmission pipelines
  • HVAC contractors

Reduce welding time while increasing weld quality with our automatic pipe welding machines. Explore more of the features and capabilities by clicking on the product images below. For further information or a quote, contact a Magnatech LLC representative today!